What Health Dangers Do Blocked Drains Pose?

What Health Dangers Do Blocked Drains Pose?

For homeowners, clogged drains can result in a variety of issues, such as sluggish water flow, floods, and even sewage backups. There are many different causes of clogged drains, but the most frequent one is food residue, hair, or limescale accumulation in the pipes.

It is imperative to promptly resolve any obstruction in your drains, regardless of the cause; failure to do so could result in a range of health issues.

We at 1st Call Drain Clearance & Technical Services have created a handbook detailing all the potential health risks associated with clogged drains.

Odors from blocked drains can be unpleasant.

A common accompanying odor to clogged drains is one of their key symptoms. Bad odors are not only unattractive in general but can also cause health problems.

An unpleasant stench may occasionally be a sign that noxious gasses and chemicals are being discharged into your house, which can raise a number of issues. However, most of the time, a terrible odor won’t have an impact on your health in the long run.

But these unpleasant odors can also lead to headaches, exhaustion, agitation, and worry brought on by stress. These symptoms will only worsen the longer a clogged drain is ignored.

Bacteria love to grow in stagnant water.

A clogged or blocked drain can result in the formation of stagnant water, which serves as a haven for many dangerous bacteria. Ingestion of these pathogens, derived from raw sewage, increases the risk of sickness. If your water becomes contaminated, you could suffer from a number of dangerous illnesses, such as:

E. Coli
Internal amoebas Campylobacter
Frequent signs and symptoms of these illnesses include vomiting, fever, cramping in the stomach, and diarrhea.

Gases can be released by blocked drains.

Hazardous gases may be spilled into your home if the worst has happened and sewage backs up in your property due to blocked drains. Among them are:

Benzoic acid
Methane and Chlorine
Oxygen Gas
sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfurfide
These gasses have the potential to cause a variety of health problems, including illness and confusion. It’s crucial that you report any suspected gas leak as soon as possible since methane or hydrogen sulfide leaks into homes have the potential to be fatal.

In the worst situations, the blockage might force these dangerous gasses into small places inside the piping, which can result in explosions. It may then explode if it comes into contact with a naked flame.

What to do in the event that a drain is clogged

In addition, clogged drains have been shown to worsen pre-existing diseases like asthma, therefore if you have clogged drains, you should look into drainage solutions. Our staff at 1st Call Drain Clearance & Technical Services is knowledgeable in various unblocking services and is a specialist in drainage solutions. Our excellent service covers all of London, assisting both residential and business buildings with a wide range of problems.

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