The Factors Determining Portable Toilet Types

The Factors Determining Portable Toilet Types

If you have the need for portable toilets in Vallejo, CA for some reason or another, it’s important to know there are lots of different options on the market today. There are standard toilets, like you might imagine and have seen in locations before, but there are also fully flushing options, handicap versions, and many others to consider. What version do you need for your event? Here are a few factors to help you determine the type that will work best:

The Type Of Event

Obviously, you don’t want to have a regular portable toilet at a fancy affair, like a wedding, a high brow wine tasting, or a formal class reunion in the park. The type of event can go a long way in determining the type of portable toilet you want to rent. Higher end events could call for the fully flushing option that has a sink included for hand washing afterwards. They feel completely like real bathrooms. For things like craft shows, pumpkin patches, concerts and other such events, standard portable toilets work just fine.

The People In Attendance

IF you know there are going to be handicapped individuals attending the event, or you want to make your facilities welcoming and accessible to them, that can help you determine whether or not to include a handicap stall. These portable toilets work well for individuals without limitations as well, they are simply larger and can accommodate all types. They work well, for example, for parents who have to go in to help a young child. Think about the audience attending the event when you decide what portable toilets to get.

The Longevity

If you just need portable toilets for the day, getting something normal and standard might work. If you are renovating a bathroom in your house or, better yet, in a business, you might want something you can use long-term that feels more like an operating bathroom does on a daily basis. The longer you have to use the portable toilets for guests, your family, or your customers, the more consideration you should put into the type you get.

The Location

Portable toilets that will sit out in the middle of the field will work fine and you can place a hand washing station outside. But if you want something that looks nice, like if you have to set up a portable toilet in a neighborhood as a house is being built or outside your home as you renovate, you will want to consider the options. The location will make a difference in what you choose as well.

There are lots of options for portable toilets in Vallejo, CA on the market today—more than you might realize. Before you assume you’ll get the standard issue portable toilet, check over the choices by contacting American Sanitation Inc at (707) 554-8258 and getting something that really suits your event. You can stop by our showroom at 1729 Action Avenue Napa, CA 94559 and see examples of what might work well for you.

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